Long-term success comes with a hidden price: the complex applications and older architectures embedded at the core of the business.    While their reliability keeps the business running, their inflexibility is now holding the business back.  Modernization is needed, but the risks are high as they have been fragmented by decades of change and there is scant documentation or remaining expertise.   Many approaches may have been considered, but all struggle with the fundamental problem that understanding exactly how they deliver for the business is a huge undertaking that is prone to human error.  

Cognizant’s Mainframe Legacy Modernization service overcomes this obstacle with our unique ZDLC knowledge automation accelerator.  ZDLC puts data at the heart of the end-to-end extraction process and uses it as a key to extract business rules at high precision and high speed, with minimum demand on SMEs. 


ZDLC's accuracy and completeness reduces the risks of missing business rules & simultaneously separates out implementation-related & dead code.  

The validated outputs from ZDLC can then be forward-engineered to a range of architectures according to our clients' needs, including cloud-native microservices, or a stepping stone of iso-functional Java on Mainframe to reduce MIPS costs.   Core Microservice creation is accelerated with our COSMOS capability and our OneDevOps platform accelerates the transformation of your people, processes and platforms to deliver a fully agile business.

The Mainframe Legacy Modernization service combines the worldwide strength and depth of our people with our leading edge accelerators to help our clients achieve the modernization needed to reach their business goals.