Data Lineage Acceleration for Regulatory Reporting 

Rapidly generate data lineage across complex, multi-technology data flows for financial regulatory reporting like BCBS 239 and MiFiD2. 

Business Rules Extraction and Legacy Modernization

Reduce the risks of missing logic and rules buried in business critical legacy applications as you rewrite or migrate them to COTS platforms.

Business and Application Value Management 

Accelerate application knowledge transition and improve productivity of developers as you look to optimise the support of your mature IT portfolio.

Reporting and Analytics Platform Migration

Kickstart the transition to Big Data by uncovering the data dependencies and logic from your existing ETL, reporting and analytics platforms.

End-User Computing Remediation

Solve the governance, risk and traceability issues that come with the flexibility of end-user computing like MS Excel and Access.

Automated Quality Assurance

Enhance the productivity and agility of your Quality Assurance team to keep pace with shrinking release times.