Securing and maintaining accurate and comprehensive IT knowledge from existing systems is vital for delivering best value in Application Management, but traditional methods are slow, prone to human error and gaps, and tie up valuable SMEs.

Cognizant’s ZDLC transforms this for enterprises by automating the extraction of IT Knowledge directly from the AS-IS systems, and providing a platform for sharing and building on the knowledge, increasing team efficiencies and enabling cost-optimisation throughout the contract lifetime without compromising on quality .

Watch the short overview video now.

ZDLC can extract and manage knowledge from over 25 different technologies into a single set of connected views to aid understanding and accelerate change in heterogenous environments.   This video shows ZDLC's capabilities working in a Java or .Net environment.   Watch the demo now.

ZDLC can also automate the documentation of user interface activities.  This can enable a wide range of efficiencies, especially in the test and development environments where ambiguity in communication of test outcomes can waste valuable time and effort.   User Acceptance Testing and performance testing are other areas where automated documentation and the ability to share it easily improve outcomes.  This video shows the ZDLC User Activity Profiler (UAP).  Watch the demo now.