Modern enterprises depend on the accurate collection, analysis and reporting of data, but competition to deliver digital services brings three specific challenges to their continuing success:

  • The multiplicity of existing departmental data technologies, none of which address the needs of the business as a whole.

  • The upswing in the types and volume of data collected, breaking the capabilities of many of the traditional DW techniques and tools.

  • The unsustainable cost of continuing with appliance technology approaches to deal with the increase in scale.

Addressing any of these challenges requires accurate understanding of the data flows, data dependencies and the transformation logic embedded within the existing applications, but often documentation is out of date and SMEs unavailable. This lack of knowledge puts many data platform initiatives at risk of overruns or even failure.

Cognizant’s ZDLC automates the reverse engineering and extraction of IT knowledge from ETL, analytics and reporting applications & comprehensively represents the data flows, data dependencies and transformation logic across your current Information Management landscape.   It delivers significant savings of time and effort in design of target schema and re-implementation of existing business rules, mitigating the risks of missing functionality.  

We have helped a number of enterprises successfully address these problems.  Based on this experience, and our understanding of our customers' forthcoming needs, we have built a comprehensive set of capabilities to meet these challenges.   

Watch the ZDLC features video to learn more.